Why Ibiza?

Ibiza Essentials

Why Ibiza?

Ibiza is one of the most acclaimed holiday spots in the world for the premium clientele. The island is internationally renowned for its outstanding nightlife and the world ́s most visited clubs, but also for its amazing beaches and landscapes. Ibiza has got something magical that makes it unique. Almost everywhere in the world the word Ibiza is a synonym for sun, parties, fun and luxury.

There is not a hotter, more appealing destination among the young, wealthy and elite than the White Isle. Ibiza attract almost 4 million visitors per year with its majority (95%) during summer. Doing a marketing campaign in Ibiza is a chance to reach 3.9 million people in a short period, from all over the world. With almost 1.2 million of visitors only on the month of August. Moreover, the people want to be seen as big spenders, it’s not unusual to see people spending thousands of euros in one night for the sole purpose of having fun. In 2017 the average amount of money spent by person by day was around 139,90 €.

If we sum up: Ibiza is undoubtable where a brand must promote its products to have significant reach and impact

Who visits Ibiza?

3.938.672 arrivals in 2017!


  • 0-14
  • 15-24
  • 25-44
  • +44

Social C1C2

  • AB
  • C1
  • C2
  • DE

Mid to high income

  • Mid Income
  • High income
  • Low income
  • Very high income


  • With children
  • Without children

What is important to them?

I really enjoy a night out (ix 158)
I spend a lot on clothes (ix 181)
I feel better about the way I look when I am tanned (ix 165)
When I go on holiday I only want to eat drink and lie in the sun (ix 177)
It is important for me to be able to synchronise all my electronic devices (ix 165)

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