Increasingly attractive for the Spanish market

Ibiza increasingly attractive for the Spanish market

It is not a secret that most of 25 – 44 years old people consider Ibiza as an appealing spot to spend their free days. More than 95% of its visitors plan to go to the white isle with the expectation of having good times. Revelers wander the island, from the dream beaches and breathtaking coastlines to the elite clubs.

Increasing number of tourists

In last 5 years, the number of visitors has increased on an annual rate of 5%. And Spanish people do not make an exception, in 2017, peninsula’s tourists almost cross the threshold of 1.500.000 and represent 38% of the total number of visitors.

Growing expenses

Furthermore, that growth is followed by an increase in terms of spending, according to the tourism agency of Balearic Islands, a Spaniard spends an average of 85€ per day spent on the island. With a record of €1.539 millions in 2017 and an increase of 12.4%, Spanish visitors are now rank third in the world (after Germany and UK) for the volume of expenses in Ibiza.

Off season tourism

If Spanish tourist represent 33% of the total tourist during high season (may to September), they however represent 80% of the total tourist during off season, with an average of 80,000 visitors per month. Which is therefore a market opportunity for company that aim to maximize their profit at this time of the year.

Made in Spain

Last but not least, as you may know, Ibiza is considered by many people as the Spanish hub. In the last 5 years, countries like Netherlands (312%), France (81%), Italy (45%), Germany (22%) and UK (40%) accumulated a sustainable and exponential growth and bring more than 2.2 MM visitors during summer. Which opens a great opportunity to introduce, launch or reinforce “Made in Spain” products, and is a key spot for products targeting foreign markets and brands looking to strength their exportation market.


If your target is wealthy Spanish people or if you aim to boost international consumption/acknowledge of your product or service, Ibiza is the best place to achieve it.


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