Let´s talk about Ibiza?

Let´s talk about Ibiza?


Ibiza is situated in Spain, a country in the Southern part of Europe. It is an island off the east coast of Spain and has some wonderful large settlements in the city, consisting of the Ibiza town which is the capital and also the largest city, Sant Antoni de Portmany and Santa Eularia des Riu.

The main languages spoken in Ibiza are Catalan and Spanish. Population in Ibiza is one of the smallest when compared to other States in Spain, consisting of about 143,000 people as of 2017. Ibiza has become a renowned place for nightlife activities that originated on the land decades ago but gradually became popular as each year passes by until the late ’80s where some forms of revolution began.

Every event in the Ibiza attracts tourists from across the globe, and the Spanish government has made sure that they worked to promote the activities in the Ibiza as a source for revenue. Tourism in the Ibiza has since become a major source of revenue in the state, and because of this, UNESCO labeled the Ibiza as World Heritage Site, increasing its popularity even more than ever across the world.
Talking about the climatic features of Ibiza, it’s one of the few places in Spain not to experience extreme weather conditions because of the sea close to it. Ibiza has a hot summer Mediterranean climate with an average temperature of 18.3, making it warm all through the period. The winter period starts roughly in November and ends in April while Summers starts from June to September.


Ibiza is considered a destination for every tourist anywhere in the world. Its nightlife most especially is thought to be the most fun part of the Ibiza. The music played in the night clubs are music that requires you to dance, from the electronic dance music that originated from the land to the Balearic beat. Since the 1960s and 1970s, the nightlife in Ibiza has transformed significantly.

A gathering called the hippie gathering hosted a lot of nationalists that came to enjoy this hippie gathering by playing music and talk and sometimes, doing nasty things like taking hard drugs and bathing in nudity at the beaches which they all thought was a normal sight.

In the 70s, several clubs opened in the Ibiza, and some grounded rules were made to reduce some rascality that took place in most of the clubs except, of course, partying in nudity. Clubs like the Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia and Es Paradis opened and popularized costume and nudity parties and expressed themselves freely while staying on vacation on the island. The 80s and the 90s continued to see significant changes and improvements on the island social life with the introduction of the Balearic beats in clubs and the emergence of after-house parties.

In recent years, Ibiza has become a spot for musical concerts where musicians, producers, and in-house DJs come to perform at various clubs. Native DJs in Ibiza seize the opportunity of being a DJ to promote their new singles and also promote the music of other musicians by playing their songs at various clubs which include the DC-10, Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Ocean Beach, etc.
Many musicians have used the Ibiza to sing a song or used the Ibiza as a setting for their songs. For example, Mike Posner record hit “I took a pill in Ibiza” was a song he sang about the beautiful island of Ibiza.

Due to its ravishing beauty, the Ibiza has been used by several modeling companies to photo shoot. Musicians are not left out as they use the island to shoot their music video, movie companies use the Ibiza to shoot films and others.


Ibiza has many forms of transportation which include the use of air, land, and sea. The Ibiza Airport is an International airport and serves as an international route for flights of tourists outside the state. The sea with ferries and boats conduct movement across towns and cities like Barcelona, Majorca, etc. Public transport is also available with many buses that travel in and out of Ibiza every quarter an hour in summer and every half an hour during the winter.


When it comes to ways one can enjoy his stay at the Ibiza or things he or she can do, there are so many. There are several ways to enjoy your stay at the Ibiza. From one event to the other, Ibiza is never a dull moment for any tourist. The Beaches for example in Ibiza is a nice place to play a soft sport like volleyball.

Engaging in boat partying at sea is also a great event especially for those who haven’t been on a boat or who have never been on a sea. The music bars at the several clubs in Ibiza can serve as a drinking spot for people who wants to pass out and also who likes being drunk while partying.


Accommodation is never a problem as several 5-star hotels are provided as temporary accommodation for tourists ranging from Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort and Spa to Catalonia Royal Ses Savines to Palladium Hotel Don Carlos. These hotels provide luxurious comfort to tourists. There are also less expensive hotels include Gran Hotel Montesol, Hotel Central Playa, El Hotel Pacha, and others.

The Ibiza one would say is one of the best recreational spots in the world. No wonder musicians love to sing about it! If you have deep pockets and you want to take your engaged partner to a honeymoon, the Ibiza no doubt would be the first choice on your mind.


Ibiza is one of the most acclaimed holiday spots in the world for the premium clientele. The island is internationally renowned for its outstanding nightlife and the world ́s most visited clubs, but also for its amazing beaches and landscapes. Ibiza has got something magical that makes it unique. Almost everywhere in the world, the word Ibiza is a synonym for sun, parties, fun, and luxury.


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