Why Ibiza is the place to promote your brand

From May through September, Ibiza is the place to be seen.

There is not a hotter, more appealing destination among the young, wealthy and elite than the White Island. With some of the Mediterranean’s most paradisiac beaches, gorgeous landscapes and views, its bohemian spirit and the most festive atmosphere of the world. Ibiza attract more than 3.5 million visitors per year with its majority, if not all, during summer.

Doing a marketing campaign in Ibiza is a chance to reach 3.5 million people in a short period, from all over the world. With almost 1.2 million of visitors only on the month of August, the white island seems to be the best place to implement a summer marketing campaign with long reaches.

An extravagant island

In Ibiza, the people want to be seen as big spenders, it’s not unusual to see people spending thousands of euros in one night for the sole purpose of having fun and showing off. In 2016 the average amount of money spent by person by day was around 379 €.

Hence, promoting your brand in the Spain’s Balearic Island is an opportunity to catch great clients and establish long-term relationship with the wealthiest people in a unique place at a unique time, summer!!

To be in people’s mind you need to make your product or service available to everyone. Accompany the traveler throughout his trip, do something special, something they will remember, a souvenir every traveler want to share on social media. Being valuable and memorable!!

Besides that, the reputation of your company is entirely dependent on the experience you provide, whether good or bad.  Nowadays social networks have the power to foster or negatively affect sales, for this reason you need to draw attention.

During our campaigns, as an event planner Ibiza agency, our main objective is to highlight the brand and product we promote. As we have done all over the years with Vueling, MTV, Belvedere, Samsung, Apérol and so many more. Creativity is our talent!!

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