Ibiza As An Opportunity For Brands To Promote Themselves

Ibiza As An Opportunity For Brands To Promote Themselves




Ibiza is an island renowned for tourism. Several opportunities abound in the Ibiza, from hospitality to alcoholic brands and to music brands where various artists and DJ’s use the summer and winter season to entertain tourists and promote their music. Be it summer or winter season, a lot of young and old people are coming to the Ibiza to have fun and enjoy what they deem they wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world. For this reason, smart brands and companies have decided to use this medium to promote the quality products they offer.

No doubt, Ibiza relies on its “tourism prowess” to market brands and businesses to over 6 million tourists that visit the Ibiza yearly. However, the performance of any brand or business in Ibiza depends on some factors which are;

  • Quality of products and services – Good products and services are the hallmark of any brand who wants to be the big name in the competitive market. A poor product attracts low review and eventually lead to low sales. Brands that first create a user experience with their quality product can be an excellent way in marketing that brand.
  • Marketing prowess or strategy of the brand and that of advertising agencies in Ibiza – In the promotion of every brand, there is always a powerful marketing agency involved to ensure its success especially if the marketing agency is popular among the locals. This marketing agency organizes ad campaigns and promotions for a stated period to market the products and services of the brand. Sometimes, It is difficult for brands to penetrate into a new market without having a contingency plan of what to do. It is equally never enough to go about promoting your brand without identifying with a marketing agency that has been around there, been in the game and identified with the people. Quality product and services without proper marketing are the same as not having the product marketed in the first place. That is why you need a good marketing agency to help promote your brand.

These two factors are prerequisite and depended upon for the success of any brand in Ibiza.


  • The population of Tourists – Ibiza is magical in so many ways. It has amazing beaches, wonderful landscapes and outstanding nightlife activities of which all attract tourists. Ibiza alone attracts about six million tourists per year coming from all over the world. This offers brands opportunities to reach out to about 90% of these tourists in a short period by running ad campaigns and advertisements. These tourists love to spend big buying several kinds of stuff on the Isle. An average tourist spends about €140 daily on drinks, tickets to clubs, etc.
  • Small Island – Ibiza is a small island compared to other parts of Spain and the world. Its size is an advantage to brands who want to promote their products and services because competition will be less.




The promotion was organized at the airport where people would use the Xperia phones to take their first selfie in Ibiza. Users attested to the superior camera quality function of the Xperia. During 3 months, a stand was set up at the Ibiza airport in partnership with Ushuaia and Vunee, a photo sharing program. We had an impact on over 2 million tourists visiting the island, more than 20,000 photos published on Facebook, generating 2 million views of impact on the Sony Xperia phone brand.


We developed a 360º program to put Aperol in the center of Ibiza’s way of life. We made a comprehensive campaign for two full months long.

To increase awareness of Aperol and consumer engagement toward a valuable international audience, we developed a viral marketing campaign, and tailor-made it according to their needs and targets. If you have been to Ibiza this summer, you surely have seen it!

From the airport to the beach we were everywhere, with the sole expectation of delivering extraordinary customer experience.

The campaign included promotion at the airport, promotional activities, and branding in 13 different venues, public relation, and advertising activities.

Promotion of Aperol Spritz recorded 150% sales growth, and over 50,000 people were impacted.


We are the proud organizers of the first airplane nightclub in Ibiza. We developed an integrated marketing plan for Vueling including a global deal with superstar DJ David Guetta, a fully branded Vueling airplane and a massive on and offline communications campaign. David Guetta’s exclusive performance on board from Paris to Ibiza recorded +€1m ROI in media coverage including international TV coverage in Spain, France, UK and USA and +750,000 views on YouTube videos of the event.


As you can see Ibiza is a wonderful opportunity for alcohol brands, mobile brands, etc. to promote themselves. By creating an experience for your users, you stay in their hearts. Do not miss your opportunity!

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