Own the Airport

Brand Stand on Ibiza’s Airport Baggage Claim

The “Welcome to Ibiza Airport Stand” is an exclusive Pop-Up space located right at the arrivals inside the luggage claim area. It is the first spot that someone will see when arriving to Ibiza, while awaiting for the luggage. Interact and engage with your consumers through:

  • Hostesses
  • Photo Booth
  • Branded Materials

Branded Contents

Engage with your audience right out the gate with a branded Photo Booth

Take advantage of Eye For Brands (http://eyeforbrands.com/) photo stations and snap branded live pics of their arrival and post directly on their social media.


  • Consumer engagement +20k pics/month
  • Brand awareness
  • +5.000 new contacts in the database

Let them know

Drive consumers to your venues with an Activity Map

Hand Deliver your activity map and let them know how they can be part of your Ibiza’s efforts for the season.


  • Hostesses giveaway 35.000 map/mo.
  • Get in contact to 45.000 pax./mo
  • Event assistance increase by 50%

There is still time to be on board of this great opportunity. Lets talk about your needs and we’ll built your unique brand experience right from the visitors arrival.

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