Brand Stand on Ibiza’s Airport Baggage Claim

The “Welcome to Ibiza Airport Stand” is an exclusive Pop-Up space located right at the arrivals inside the luggage claim area. It is the first spot that someone will see when arriving to Ibiza, while awaiting for the luggage.

Activation opportunity

Welcome all passengers arriving to ibiza with your branded stand located at the airport arrivals area.


  • My first selfie in ibiza: a branded selfie to be shared on social media (1000 pics/day generating more than 100.000 impacts)
  • Distribution of Ibiza map brand activities, with the list of all the brand venues and parties
  • Illuminated stand
  • Hostesses
  • Photo Booth
  • Branded Materials

Lets talk about your needs and we’ll built your unique brand experience right from the visitors arrival.

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