Five of the best marketing campaigns in Ibiza

Doing a marketing campaign in Ibiza, has to be related to entertainment, no matter the sector of the product or service the campaign promotes, it has to entertain the people as most of them are in vacation. Known for its wealthy clientele, the white island has been the land of unforgettable marketing campaigns and we selected 5 of the most outstanding one.

1. Wings Day

In 2012, the energy drink Redbull chose Ibiza to celebrate its « Wings day » directly linked to their famous slogan «  Redbull gives you wings ». 35 teams have been selected to be part of the experience and had 3 months to design and build their own soapbox and try to fly with it from a structure of 6 meters.


2. Axe Space Jump

In the same spirit, Axe organized a contest with a chance to win a journey into space to promote its new deodorant Apollo. Unilever ran the final of that campaign in the port of Eivissa and made that place look like a rocket launching station: the Axe Space Jump.  The concept was easy: jump from a platform bounce off the blob jump and end in the sea.


3. Pringles Prank

In a different register, we have the campaign of Pringles, which has realized a video showing the company playing a prank on real young revellers in Ibiza and shows groups of unsuspecting friends singing along, believing they are on their own in a karaoke booth. But during the song, the walls of the karaoke booth open and they saw a crowd of 500 people cheering and holding their names on signs.

4. Burn Residency 

The white island is a marketing tool on its own thanks to its reputation as a party capital and its on that purpose that many brands choose Ibiza as the most relevant place to do their marketing campaign, such as Pringles mentioned above and Burn with its DJ competition with Amplify #burnresidency. By that yearly campaign, the brand wants to link the heartland of electronic music, Ibiza, to its corporate image.

«  Combine the burn brand with island’s rich heritage, while bringing something new and original »

5. David Guetta in the air

And last but not least, it wasn’t possible to talk about marketing campaigns in Ibiza without talking about the performance of the famous french DJ David Guetta in a Vueling plane for the launch of his new album « One Love » in a Paris – Ibiza flight. Probably the highest DJ set ever!

PS: we did it!!

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