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Transformation of Ibiza

Ibiza marketing events transforming a small port town to the world’s party and pleasure center!

The reason Ibiza became a unique place and a center of pleasure is hidden in its long, incredible journey!

Ibiza; today’s party heaven has a long history going back to 650 BC starting with a port town becoming an important trade point long before the island turned into the glamorous tourist attraction. Being founded by Phoenician settlers and then coming under control Carthage followed by the control of Roman Empire, Vandals, Byzantine and then the Moors, the Island had a long adventure with many different cultures until it came under control of the king of Spain. From the Carthaginians to Romans and Arabs the island was called various names but the most significant one is the Greek effect without dispute. Greeks called the island “Ibiza” because of the meaning “pine covered island.”

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Ibiza events and clubbing

From the craziest parties to heaven-like scenes, Ibiza is definitely a paradise on earth with numerous pleasures to offer. Hottest European spot, the White Island is welcoming 7 million visitors each year. Young party seekers and families are coming to club and chill and this is not going to change! Ibiza obviously welcomes your target.

Like a smell of success? Yes, you’re right. Full of opportunities, Ibiza bring every year lots of international personalities. It’s the place to be, place to launch, and best place in all ways. Between meeting and sharing, it never stops surprising us. This is why doing marketing in Ibiza, is at its edge; and this season is going to be hotter.

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