How did we launch a new product in Ibiza

“We work closely during a year to organize a successful launch”


As the first marketing agency since 2006 on Ibiza’s market, Blazing Sorbets contact us to launch their new product, a frozen cocktail, on the White Island uncommon market. We work closely during more than a year to organize the perfect and successful launch, starting from a networking conference to an Eivissenc party. Introducing the brand to the most important people of the island was an unavoidable path to settle a successful product launch, from bars’ owners to clients, we put in contact the brand with 40 influent working people of the Island.

Because nowadays getting in contact with people is more common by emails or socials, a face-to-face  interactions is memorable for all, hence giving a great experience to both sides is a key of success story and was a key element of our marketing strategy.

Our launching plan was divided by business to business and business to client events.

Our first event in Barcelona took place at Nuba in November, a cosmopolite club in the center of the city, owned by the group Costa Este. Chosen for its wealthy clientele, in accordance to Blazing Sorbets target market, the event took place during the winter opening ceremony of the club.

A night featured with Eyeforbrand, a Photo Booth software to increase the visibility of the brand, by the large number of sharing over social medias.

Key influencers and potential clients were invited  and were welcome with a dinner followed with frozen cocktails, all night long.

We kept going with the promotion in Ibiza, our predilection market, at Nassau Beach Club, where we hosted owners of Ibiza’s most attractive place.

40 guests from companies directly connected with Blazing’s activity by making them try the sorbet, companies were more convinced about the products and its concept. Our strategies has been successful as the brand signed multiple contracts with owners after the event. Which has been possible thanks to our team by taking care of all the details: decoration, invitations, timetables, goodies, hostesses… Because of this convention, Blazing met the key people of the industry and implement their product into the market.

Our last event for Blazing was in Barcelona, at « Café Del Mar » and took place during their inauguration night, another promotion night featured once again with Eyeforbrand. All the key personalities were invited from the press to food & beverage department staff. All night long, the cocktails sorbets were served and several shows took place during the night, such as the Blazing nitrogen show.

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