Another side of Ibiza

Another side of Ibiza


The island of Ibiza is known as a place of tourist attraction. Tourism in the beautiful “white island” called so because of its white buildings is a major source of revenue in the city ever since the Spanish government decided to bring about policies to promote the nightlife activities and other events the city has been known for the past five decades.

These five decades of planning, constructing has placed the island on the path as one of the most sought after target destination for many foreign tourists and indigenous tourists as well, who are looking for a beautiful and quite budget friendly place to spend their long vacation.

For now every year on average 4200000 arrivals passing by Ibiza. It is a big market to work with. By targeting them brands basically get to 25-44 y. o. (60%) Males (53%) ABC1 (62%) whose daily spend is 139,9 EUR.

Ibiza is very international, but still, the biggest part of its visitors are Spain( 38%), the UK(25%)  and  Italy (11%).


The question of where to stay is quite important even if people pay more attention to the party side of Ibiza. There are around two thousand hotels on the island. The people are friendly, they place a high value on their guests and above all treat them as if they were citizens of the country.

Furthermore, accommodation in Ibiza isn’t as expensive as one think. It varies according to different factors affecting the tourist such as budget, location and how close it is to a resort, a club or a beach and type of accommodation.

Whichever that is suitable to guests according to the named factors, every type of accommodation offers you the best of services and make sure your stay in Ibiza is fun-filled and worthwhile.

Hospitality is one of the sources of revenue for Ibiza and an asset to Ibiza. 


What makes the beautiful stay at Ibiza enjoyable is the fascinating nightlife activities, clubbing and partying on beaches. The typical season of tourism starts from May to the ending of October.

The month of August seems to be the busiest month in the tourism season. Prices of drinks, foods in restaurants, club entrant tickets are highest so as the ticket fares. During the clubbing season, several legendary clubs open such as the Pacha, privilege and the DC-10. While prices for these parties are higher thundering the low season fun level is 1000% higher as well! The best DJs with the best music coming there.

P.S. The beaches on the island is a great way for relaxation. However, sleeping on the beaches during odd hours will attract some forms of penalty from authorities who monitor every beach on the island.


There are different brands of alcohol, liquor and beers offered in Ibiza to tourists above the age of 18, though the prices vary according to the store, club or restaurant where such drinks were purchased. Alcohol brands use Ibiza as a perfect way to be closer to their clients. Brands such as Aperol or Bulldog always organize specific events to have fun with their target audience.

Ibiza is a fun-filled recreation spot, and a dream place for every tourist be it, family or individual, to visit especially during summer where the sunrise and sunset can be seen as well as the beaches can be played upon, Ibiza has proved to be one of the best spots for tourism.

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