About us

Ibiza Essentials

Ibiza Marketing Agency

Our B2B proposal is the union of a deep knowledge of the island and a wide experience of extremely impactful communication projects, with a strong background in marketing strategy and brand management on the international level. This is why Ibiza Essentials is nowadays the first marketing agency specialized in Ibiza.

Crafted in Ibiza

More than half of our team is based in Ibiza. Also, when it is possible, we always use local suppliers. This allow us to adjust our costs, provide a fast response to your briefs and deliver creative and effective campaigns “made in Ibiza”.

+10 years of experience

We are the only marketing agency with more than 10 year experience on Ibiza. Our network includes all the key players on the island: media, representative of the administrations, suppliers, influencers, owners and employees of the most famous venues, artists, local celebrities…

It's all about the ideas

Together of our large experience on the island, creativity is probably our biggest asset. From a DJ playing in a plane to the launch of the first nightclub ever in an airport, we have developed some of the coolest projects on the island. Let’s do the next one together!


Ibiza Essentials is composed of marketing specialist with proven experiences in various key areas such as strategy, planning, brand management, marketing online, design, public relations, event production or community management.

Excellence in production

We take a very special care in the production of your campaigns, working exclusively with the best specialists. Because ideas are nothing without a great execution.


We collaborate with the latest technology suppliers in order to deliver new way of doing promotions. We have an exclusive partnership with Eyeforbrands, a Photo Booth app that will boost your visibility on social media.

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