Transformation of Ibiza

Ibiza marketing events transforming a small port town to the world’s party and pleasure center!

The reason Ibiza became a unique place and a center of pleasure is hidden in its long, incredible journey!

Ibiza; today’s party heaven has a long history going back to 650 BC starting with a port town becoming an important trade point long before the island turned into the glamorous tourist attraction. Being founded by Phoenician settlers and then coming under control Carthage followed by the control of Roman Empire, Vandals, Byzantine and then the Moors, the Island had a long adventure with many different cultures until it came under control of the king of Spain. From the Carthaginians to Romans and Arabs the island was called various names but the most significant one is the Greek effect without dispute. Greeks called the island “Ibiza” because of the meaning “pine covered island.”


Ibiza’s historic isolation and occupation by various ethnic groups, has left its mark on the architecture, art and cuisine which made the island a unique vacation spot. The Pine Covered Island didn’t have the fame it has today until people started to really discover the possibilities of the Island in 1950’s. The raise started with people choose the island for an exotic honeymoon and then the “party heaven” started to be experienced in 60’s while the beaches, hotels, venues kept developing even more and the island gained a strong reputation among hippies for its great nature and venues. In 1970’s today’s largest and most famous clubs, such as Pacha, started to be established. Ibiza transformed into a major tourist destination in the 20 years. The population nearly doubled in the 1960’s and 70’s due to the increasing number of travelers and investors who want to take part in one of the best spots for tourism in the world.



While the island kept growing and becoming more popular the brands started to see the advantage of focusing on Ibiza to create the best opportunities to engage with their audience through campaigns in Ibiza and marketing events. It is no surprise that when the SMS marketing was invented, Ibiza was one of the markets that the companies tried this new tool and received the most successful results of influence. With the fast development of the island and the increasing demand, marketing agencies started to work in this market to create exclusive campaigns for the island. Ibiza marketing is still growing while new trends bringing new marketing opportunities everyday. As the oldest Ibiza marketing agency, Ibiza Essentials has great knowledge and experience of the island and organizing the most creative Ibiza marketing strategies for more than 10 years. Event management and brand marketing has become very challenging through the history of the island since it is receiving more visitors every year and creating its own unique demand and opportunities. Accordingly Ibiza marketing has become an area that the brands need the best ideas, the best opportunities and the best services to present unique marketing events. This challenge made the importance of having the support of the most experienced and creative Ibiza marketing agencies irreplaceable.

Ibiza is becoming more interesting everyday with millions of visitors every year, new trends and growing spirit of pleasure. From a small port town to the world’s most popular party center, the white island looks like it is going to continue growing its fame for a long time. Being a part of it is a chance that you must not miss out. As the part of the island’s history Ibiza Essentials has the know-how and the creativity you need. Take the chance to stand out!

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