The hidden side of Ibiza

Everyone knows Ibiza island for its crazy parties, its one of the first location where people go during summer. From the craziest parties to heaven-like scenes, Ibiza is definitely a paradise on earth with numerous pleasures to offer. Hottest European spot, the White Island is welcoming 7 million visitors each year.

Few people really know about the myths surrounding the island, it is time to discover the mysterious side of Ibiza, with its particular giant rock named Es Vedra.

Es Vedra is an islet located a few kilometers away from Ibiza with a particularity. It’s a giant rock standing in the sea. Known as the third place most magnetic in the world, this island is surrounded by a lot of legends, myths and stories.

Ibiza is an ancient island which has been colonized since 654 before J.C by the Phoenicians and subject to many fights over its land. Myths changed through the time but stayed as mysterious and mystic from one to another.

This standing rock, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, is famous for his huge magnetism. Recorded as the same level as the bermudas triangle. When approaching the island, the area’s energy is so powerful that compasses are getting lost. Even the birds can not escape it, and get lost as well.

Scientists said that Es Vedra’s island is transmitting a magnetic energy which causes some unexplainable phenomenas.

Es Vedra has a triangle shape almost perfect with the south west cost of Majorca and the Ifach stone in Calpa known as the silent triangle. Searchers confirm that this place is special where the energy takes place. They even compare it to the Egyptian pyramid and others historic monuments. After the north pole and the Bermuda triangle, the islet is the third magnetic place in the world. Es Vedra, is of course a one of the most mystical place in the world. But mostly, for its  amount of legends, stories and myths.

For an island of this size, it’s quite incredible to know how many there are.

So we summed up the most intriguing stories

For ones, this little mountain in the middle of the sea was a lost part of a continent « Atlantid ».  which its stones were used to built the fortifications around Ibiza and the Egyptian’s pyramids. Or according to Homere’s book, this place was the islet where the mermaids tried to charm Ulysse by using their enchanting songs. But all of this are only legends and stories which started a long long time ago.

One of the most ancient and popular legend comes from a Phoenician myth. The island was the land of the Phoenician goddess Tanit, goddess of love. Stories say that it was her birthplace. Even if you don’t know her and its legend, you probably know about the Nassau Tanit Club in Ibiza, one of the most prestigious club in the island.

During the 19th century, a monk went to the island to meditate, after his retreat, he told many stories about strange events he witnessed. Spiritual events, like, the apparition of the Virgin Mary, pilgrims, and many others hallucinations. Then, Es vedra became a place of contemplation, a sacred area.

In 1992, the Ibizan decided to bring 6 goats on Es Vedra islet.  But in 2016, they decided to « recover the native flora of the rock », and  went to this island after 25 years and killed all the goats left on spot.

Es Vedra is a real location for cult, people go there to get healed, by swimming in the sea or walking in the area of the mysterious rock. Since few centuries, people believe that its magnetism, and energy felt around the place can help you with your pain. Many people said, that after going around Es Vedra, they started to feel better, a strong energy healed their harms. This legend is still believed, people are going on healing journey there.

Through the years, the stories got modern, and new phenomenons started to appear.

Nowadays, the most famous myth is about the aliens, coming from space. After many people started to see some lights going in and out of the water, lights which has never been identified. This phenomenon is quite recurrent according to the witnesses.

The legend got stronger through the years mostly after the story a pilot. This pilot who had to land in emergency at Valencia before reaching his destination after being « chased » by a lot of unidentified red lights flying around Es vedra. The population started to believe that the islet is an UFO’s portal, one of their HeadQuarter on Earth. Nothing has never been proved though, but many are coming to watch the sky hoping to see these flying lights.

That’s all for us


Please remember, the list above is made of myths and legends which traveled through the years. None of this has been truly proved.  

And don’t worry, even if you go there and don’t feel or see anything particular in this place, in any case, you will be amazed by the scenic sunset in front of your eyes.

It’s surely one of the best spot in Ibiza to admirethe sun getting down at the end of the day.



Don’t hesitate to share with us your anecdotes or feelings about Es Vedra!

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